Maschine Masters A3C 2013 Recap

Maschine Masters A3C Recap

Let me first say being from North Jersey (Paterson) I had some apprehensions of moving to the A.
I already knew I wouldn’t be able to listen to radio down here. I’m a hip hop head, an 80s baby, an aspiring producer that grew up listening to NY/NJ hip hop. I knew there would be very little hip hop music spun on radio waves.

Then I experienced my first A3C courtesy of Maschine Masters and Vanglorious….From the moment I walked into the Melia Hotel to register, I was surrounded by that feeling, that culture of hip hop. Just the way people walk and talk, the aura was crazy.

I attended the various technical workshops showing off DAW techniques and new gear (Maschine Studio!) The panels were very informative discussing music placement, marketing and various other aspects of the industry. But the moment I walked into 9th Wonder’s Jamla showcase at Little Five Points (see video below for performances). I was home. The funny thing is that the majority of the crew is from NC, but Hip Hop was prominently shown from 9th Wonder’s gritty beats on the 1s and 2s to his artists flows. Felt like home.

Ladies and Gentlemen hip hop is definitely alive and well. Unfortunately it’s not as pronounced and overwhelming like in the golden 80s and 90s era. But it’s here, you just have to dig for it. Fortunately A3C brought that goodness to the forefront. If you’re a hip hop head, you have to experience A3C for yourself to see what I’m talking about. It’s well worth the price of admission!


Lesson 24

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