iConic Drums Vol. 1 and 2 Bundle Review

Iconic Drum Review Vol.1 & 2 Bundle

What up MM family! I’m here for another great review on some dope drum sounds. Our people at DigitalDrumDesign.com Presents: iConic Drums Bundle Vol. 1 & 2. It is packaged with over 250 sounds in wav format of kicks, snares and percussion/hi hats for all genres.

Starting off with the kicks, these are some of my favorite and unique sounding kicks I’ve came across recently. All of them are real punchy with a great top end with their own identity. Full in body to give you that thump in your tracks. What stood out for me was the layering of these kicks. It is not just a drum sound, its the drum, hi hat along with a vocal! (Boom Breath) Some of these were collected from many different sources of vinyl, cassette tapes and original recordings. With these type of kicks, make sure that you tune them with the key of the song. Also its some killer distorted 808’s with awesome top ring to them. Excellent ear candy to add that

Snares and claps are standouts as well. Similar to the kicks being layered, the snares share this same trait. This gives us a creative, dirty and snappy characteristic at the same time! With some mixed with percussion and sample hits, they supply us with some instant inspiration. My favorites in this kit are named “Onion Grease”, “Moonface” & “Asphma” Yes with names like that you know they are dope!

Rounding out to the Hi Hats/Percussion folder, DDD offers all types of sounds chopped and processed at lo-fi settings for that filthy texture. From crashes, toms, open/closed hats, these are great compliments to the rest of the kit bundle.

The way the iConic Drums are bundled together,  this gives beat-makers a wide variety of sounds to work with here. Not all of them are layered in their style. You’re even going to get the short and tight sounds mixed with the full body long tail sounds. This is a great kit to have in your arsenal. If you grab this bundle all at once instead each individually, you will instantly save $19.99! Checkout the sampler below and start making bangers now!

Click Here to purchase iCONIC DRUM BUNDLE VOL.1 & 2

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