How To Get Out Of Beat Block And Get Re-Inspired

How To Get Out Of Beat Block And Get Re-Inspired

Inspiration can come at any moment. For us beat makers and producers, each time we are trying to make that 1 hit! or that banging ass beat that everyone will love! But what happens if nothing coming to mind? What if your just not feeling it or everything you attempt to make is wack, sounds like a beat you’ve already made or not good enough. You have officially entered the beat block my friend! An uncreative state that  we all have experienced; from writers, singers, beatmakers, and illustrators. Hear are a few tips/ideas that have helped me in the past to get out the infamous beat block state.

1. Turn Off The Car Radio
In the car tends to be that moment throughout your day when we can really zone out with the music loud and vibe. For myself, I burn the latest beat I made to check my mixes. In my car I would have 10 plus CDR’s with sharpie writing on them with a couple beats on them each. You can not think of new ideas when your constantly listening to the old ones! Even the FM radio is distracting as they play the same play list over and over. By turning the radio off you get a chance to listen to the world around you and reset your mind. Talk or sports radio helps too. When I try this I tend to have music in my head which leads to a spark of inspiration. During one stretch of not feeling it, I did this for a bout a week straight.

2. Exercise
Being active is a benefit for the body that will also help you get out that slump. With exercise, this will increase the blood flow to the brain to help its function. Doesn’t have to an extreme workout, but something to get you out of your studio space and give your ears a break. Whether its heading to the gym or going for a walk, this gives you a chance to see whats around you. Anything like that can inspire you. Same thing applies from #1, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY MUSIC. Meditating also counts for exercise as it helps with breathing for better circulation to the mind. (Great Stress Reliever)

3. Go To A Movie or Read A Book
These are great thing to do get quick inspiration from. While reading, your are actively tapping into your imagination which could lead to something greater. Same thing with a great movie, it could be this killer scene that was so visually stunning that might give you what you need. If you do have an option to get out the house to do these things, it will also add to the different routine your use to.

4. Dance Club or Strip Club
In these settings, your are going to be listening to music without a doubt. But this is an opportunity to see how people react to different type of beats. You can see how certain beats move the crowd, what happens when that beat first drops, how are the ladies moving to the rhythm of the music. These things are visual cues that you can later apply to your beat making process. (*Make sure your watching people that can actually dance though! LOL)

Hope these techniques will help you as they help me stay inspired. Now you don’t have to wait to get into beat block to do these things. Incorporate them into your daily regimen to keep the creative juices flowing!


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  1. S@nd3m0n1um says:

    Good introspect something that I’ve gathered recently were these set of cards invented by Brian Eno…as you all may or may not know he is the godfather of how electronic music came to be. I actually made a prezi recently about it and all the forward think ideas he had. This relates directly to that path. I am studying music production at Full Sail and this was an awesome article. Hopefully you can shoot some introspect on mine as well.

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