FreeVee Friday [Futucraft’s Kairatune] Vsti

FreeVee Friday [Futucraft’s Kairatune] Vsti

Welcome to the first installment of FreeVee Friday. This purpose of this blog is to introduce some of the many free VST’s and VSTi’s available on the web. Please be forewarned this blog is not about pirating software, cracked programs, or a forum for others to exploit the hard work of the developers; they are the unsung heroes of the electronic music community. Instead I will be your “Scout Leader” and together we will travel to the furthest reaches of the internet, living off the digital land; “scavenging” for all the the “FreeVees” we can find. Sadly, no scout badges will be earned but, you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

This week I’m going to be introducing to some of you, a little known secret weapon of mine, a free VSTi by the awesome developers at Kairatune. Kairatune is a versatile Vsti that can be used in nearly every known genre of digital music, with the exception of Polka music (sorry Urkel). It has roughly 79 presets that can be manipulated to do your “bidding”. The easy to understand GUI allows you to control all the parameters your little heart desires. From EQ to pitch, phaser and Oscillation you’ll have the presets sounding like your own in no time. When you’ve finished “Frankensteining” the sounds saving them to your library for later recall is a “cinch”.

If sound design isn’t your thing then your in luck! Each of the presets sound amazing right out of the “box” allowing you to quickly get your ideas down and move on. There are more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest of producers. I’m really pleased with this Vsti, partly because it’s free, but mainly because the folks over at Futucraft put a lot of TLC into this and it shows. There a some booming sub basses, sweet sweeps, infalable falls, and the lucious leads are a thing of beauty! Take a listen

In conclusion I’d like to say thanks for checking out FreeVee Friday, come back next week where I’ll be showing off a new free VST for mixing. It’s gonna be an exciting blog. Please feel free to leave all questions, comments and requests in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them all. We’d also like you to share your favorite “FreeVees” with the rest of the community as well.

Wanna give it a try? Click here to download FREE

Till Next Week,

Beatz Galore

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