Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review

Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review

When its time to look for a new VST to add to my workflow, I tend to look for something fresh, inspiring and awesome! Will I be able to add to my workflow? Is this something unique to where I would constantly use to add to my tracks? Camel Audio Presents: Alchemy: The Ultimate Sample Manipulation Synthesizer.

Alchemy is a all around synthesizer with over 1000 full sounding presets adding up to 5.5 GB of content. Along with expansion libraries, this synth can bring a limitless amount of creativity.  It gives a wide range of sounds like synth bass, pianos, brass guitars, hard and soft leads, voices, pads, strings, soundscapes and more. With endless tweak ability, Alchemy is one of the best soft synths supplying manipulation of sounds.

As I go through the sound library, I’m looking for dope presets and how good these sounds are (as is). Camel Audio gives us a well rounded sound source, but I feel the strengths of this VST are the pads, soundscapes and leads. With the pads and soundscapes sounding so lush and full, that’s just the beginning of what we can actually do. Incorporating LFO’s and envelopes, these filters will add another dimension of dynamics that map to the Maschine macro control knobs. For more capability you can auto write these tweaks and have sweeping automaton through your tracks during playback. The mod passes through 8 different quadrants and X/Y axis that’s totally customizable to give producers dope effects.

Another great feature is the ability to add your own samples to take advantage of the powerful manipulating capabilities. Import WAV, SFZ (Sonar) and AIFF files Alchemy supplies the sampling machine to take your ideas to another tier. During the review I experimented with this option with a vocal. I recorded myself then imported the file and the end results are dope with a pad-like sample with wavy panning and layering.

But wait there’s more!! The good folks of Camel Audio also have an app available for the iPhone & iPad users. The app contains a full 4 track sequencer to create on the road and export WAV and .CamelSounds file to transfer back to the computer. It also serves as a modulation controller synced with the main program to gives you a mouse free setup. NICE! (Fabolous Voice)

Alchemy is a sleeper that any producer/beatmaker can really take advantage of. With the future-like elements and expandable libraiaris from Camel Audio’s in house sound designers, the sky is the limit for aspiring sound designers. If your intersted in creating your own sound fonts, checkout the video below and invest in your potential ideas!



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