Xclusive-Audio Organic Drum Kit Review

Xclusive-Audio Organic Drum Kit Review

            As we all continue down the yellow brick road to beat salvation, we pick up products and make friends along the way. Well on my journey, I came across Xclusive-Audio.com and found the Organic Drum Kit. Xclusive-Audio (@Xclusive_Audio) are also the creators of Urban Heat presented by The Producers Choice, and the Survival Drum Kit (review coming soon).  This kit is packed, and I mean PACKED, with over 750 sounds including kicks, snares, percussion, loops, claps, hats and more. All recorded in 24-bit .wav format for pristine clarity and huge sound.

The kicks in this kit…… They’re so good I can’t even finish the introductory sentence. Simply put, amazing. Very few sound like the other, and they are all very unique. Not the standard kicks you get in (insert your favorite producers here) kit. With over 140 kicks to choose from, you would be hard pressed to find a kick that won’t match the tone of the track you are creating. These kick lack nothing in thump, nor to the demand a huge space or frequency range in your mix. These kicks are very well designed and are layered to perfection.

When I moved onto the snare and clap sections, I again was blown away by the quality. Some of these sounds are very wide, which is great for that bigger feel. While others are more centered, and designed to be that vertebrae puller. In the snare section there are many sampled snares and acoustic snares. Some of which are layered with other snares or another form of percussion(s). And the same goes for the claps. Most of the claps we can tell are actual sampled claps with heavy processing which I can only image included EQ, compression, and some time based effects. Not every snare and clap is dry, some have reverb on them. I usually take issue with this, but since it’s not done in a super excessive amount, they fit just right. Between these 2 sections you’ll have nearly 200 samples to dig into and play with.

The Organic Drum Kit also features an extremely heavy percussion session which include bongos, congas, skin slaps, cajons, shakers and many, many more. There is enough percussion here you could easily re-create Jaime Foxx’s “Africa” drum track. Over 570 samples will give your drums that little something extra. Create your own loops, or use one of the many included to spice things up a bit. This section is sampled very well much like the rest of the kit; however there are a couple sounds here and there that could have been sampled a bit better (see Various Perc (49)). Feel free to layer a lot of these with many of the kicks and snares, use a bit of EQ and compression and you’re already customizing your sound. This percussion section is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. For those of you keeping track at home, you know just how much I love my percussion sections.

To round out Organic Drum Kit, Xclusive-Audio has already taken the liberty of organizing 22 Maschine ready kits! This is always a huge plus, so you can immediately plug and play! Many of which are unoriginally named, but that’s literally the only thing we can find “wrong” with the kit. My personal favorite premade kit, Jungle Thump Kit. Just nasty!!

Xclusive-Audio has done the producer on the yellow brick road well by the Organic Drum Kit. It is in my professional opinion that you add this kit to your library immediately. Due to the high quality samples, you’ll find these drum cutting through your mix, and upping your creativity. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being the 2008 Detroit Lions and 16 being the 1972 Dolphins, YES I’M HAPPY FOOTBALL IS BACK) Organic Drum Kit checks naturally at a 15! Make sure you add this kit to your arsenal TODAY!!



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