Maschine Masters Beat Battle September Winner

Hush Soundz is originally from New Jersey, He has been living in south Florida for the past 5 years now. Hip Hop has always moved him since Dj Red Alert was playing on 98.7 Kiss (that should tell you roughly how old he is). He enjoys all genres of music. He listens to whatever sounds good. He has been making beats in his head since he could remember, beat boxing or just making up melodies. It wasn’t until about 2 yrs ago when he decided to invest in some equipment and give actual beat making a try. Not really knowing anything about using equipment, He was introduced to Native Instruments Maschine. His thirst for learning lead him to AGgotbeats youtube channel along with a list of others. He wanted to learn more so that he could build on his craft. It’s true, you’re never to old to do what you love. He is inspired by “different music” although he enjoys warm soulful sounds with that 90s feel.
He just makes music that sounds good to him, being himself while he creates. One of the most important lessons he’s learned along the way is to be yourself and you will manifest through your music. You will find that there are hundreds of people just like you.

Thanks to AG for creating and giving this great opportunity for all beat makers.
Most of all I wanna thank my wife for allowing me to cheat on her with my music.

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