International Breaks 303 Kit Review

International Breaks 303 Kit Review

If you are a fan of chopping up drums, and love to get your hands on stuff that falls outside of the norm.. you are going to absolutely LOVE this collection of rare breaks. Let me start off by saying I am a BIG fan of the first two kits in the “International Breaks” collection, 101 and 202. So when I was asked to review this International Breaks 303 kit, I literally jumped at the chance!
While these are 16bit 44.1khz samples, there is nothing “ordinary” about these breaks. The breaks range from the late 1960’s to the 1980’s and come from all over the world! With breaks compiled from China to Russia, India to France, Italy to Brazil, Japan to Bulgaria, and more… These are not your average breaks.

Once I opened this one up, I immediately started to dig in and chop em up. The first thing I noticed is they definitely sound GOOD! Nice and crisp without being harsh, and full and bodied without being muddy. And you gotta love the vinyl crackle and old school essence of these bad boys!

I was able to get a vast set of chopped samples out of these suckers. Everything from big kicks to punchy kicks, great snare chops, boom-bap style loops, percussion loops and hits, drum fills, ethnic sounding stuff, and even an extra dope brass hit and a blues guitar riff! If you are looking for more than your average soul sample breaks this kit is DEFINITELY for you! But don’t just take my word for it. Head over to and listen to the audio demo. And while you are there, be sure and check out the International Breaks 101 and 202 kits if you don’t already have them, plus the other amazing stuff on the Drum Broker site. I’m not playing when I say, it is definitely the FIRST place I look for new sounds and breaks! Enjoy!

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