The Unkempt Breaks Collection Review

The Unkempt Breaks collection review by E52BEATS!™

This collection of drum loops by MSXII Sound Design in a word….HARD! I loaded the first folder called Amizzle into Maschine which contained 8 WAV. files. Now before I go any further, let me explain how the folders are set up. The folder I chose was labeled 90 BPM and within that folder there were 3 others. Multi-Tracked was the first.

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That folder contained 27 more folders within it. You most definitely get your monies worth and then some. The Amizzle folder was located in the Multi-Tracked folder. The 8 files were individual loops of a drum set mic’d at different positions (left,right,center,floor,overhead and racked). This gives you total control of your drums and how you want them to translate in your production. For instance, you can stack the sounds and trigger the 8 loops all together for a monstrous sound. You can also highlight certain ones, say like a floor tom and overhead mono to give the feel of a live drummer.


The other great thing about these files are that you can chop these loops to get even more creative. Sonically your production game should step up with this kit. The MSXII Sound Design team recorded the sounds on an SSL Duality through Universal Audio 8110 + Avalon 737sp mic preamps. Microphones used include Shure Beta 52 & SM57, SE 4400, Schoeps CM, Coles 4038, and an Avantone CV-12. Now it’s just up to you to get creative.

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