The Drum Broker Site Sampler Review

The Drum Broker Site Sampler

Producers! I bring to you the review of one of the best kits around. First off, let me begin by asking you these questions. Have you been looking for the right sounds or drum breaks? Visited and were overwhelmed with the amount of drum kits for you to purchase? Couldn’t decide on just one kit? Well, now you’ve died and gone to beat maker heaven. I introduce you to, “The Drum Broker Site Sampler”.

Similar to the “Breakfast Sampler” from IHOP, in this kit you will find 130+ sounds (Break beats, kicks, hats, claps, snares, etc.) from the best kits the site has to offer. From kits like ILLMIND’s “Blap Kit” series and “808’s and String Breaks”, Jake One’s “Snare Jordan”, Ski Beatz “Karate School”, and just too many to name, the amount of sounds provided will send you into overload. The kit itself includes some great gritty, punchy, crisp, clean drums and break loops ready for you to chop up, rearrange and create the next big hit. With the price of $2.99 and FREE FUTURE UPDATES (a plus for the producer with a budget like myself) you cannot go wrong with this kit.

If you’re like me and can’t decide on just one kit to purchase, I recommend you get your hands on this kit sampler to get a glimpse of some of the many options to buy and add to your collection. You’ll thank me later.

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