Remix My Hit 2 with Beatstars and Crooked I

Our friends and the largest online beat selling marketplace is back with “Remix My Hit 2 w/ Crooked I. With 1300 entries of the 1st remix contest with Styles P this past April, this is sure to be bigger and better than the last!

There has a been a few changes for the 2nd installment for the better of the contest. For those who participated in the 1st contest, one thing that the producer community wasn’t feeling was the voting system. Producers had to hustle up votes just to be considered for the final review round. Producers felt like it was more of a popularity contest than finding the true talent. Along with that you got some faulty votes added. Now there is still the voting system but with some major improvements. Now every voter is required to have a facebook page. This will eliminate the ghost and false votes from ppl in computer labs voting for themselves everyday. The top 100 vote getters will be eligible for the review round. Also if you are a member of the website, you automatically advance to the review round. From that Beatstars staff will choose the top 10 with Crooked I selecting the grand prize winner and 2 runner ups.

Next producers have a reference of the original song to use as a guide for the acapella. Nothing against Styles P and his unorthodox flow, but without a reference to the original version did make it difficult to get the correct feel for the record. Not really a bad thing because it was some producers that made it work and flipped the off-timing into something more creative. But there was some way off-timing entries that I can see that the acapella was more challenging with that flow.

All entries are due August 23rd with the voting starting August 24th through September 2nd. Winners will be announced shortly after voting ends. Check out theses videos from Slaughterhouse teammate Crooked I “YODO” &  Abe from giving you more details on entering properly. Good luck MM!

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