Maschine 16GB Flash Drive with Maschine Masters Expansion

Maschine 16GB Flash Drive with Maschine Masters Expansion

Introducing, the ultimate in storage mobility, I present to you, the 16GB Native Instruments Maschine Flash Drive w/ Maschine Masters Sampler Expansion (Bonus Kit) by Beat CDs are a thing of the past. With this much storage you can store hundreds of your bangers, projects, drum kits, sessions, and everything you can think of in one drive. With a sleek, detailed custom NI Maschine in white (featuring wood grain) design, this zip drive is sure to have you in an A&R’s seat with him eager to see if your beats are as dope as the drive you handed him. But not only for the looks should you buy this item but also for the massive Maschine Masters Sampler Expansion Kit that’s included with every purchase. That’s a $19.99 kit given to you for free.99! Now let’s get to what everyone is waiting for, the Maschine Masters expansion kit.

Here is a video with more info by James Jaxin

The Maschine Masters Sampler Expansion Kit was complied from portions of free kits donated by our staff, community members and site affiliates. It is broken down into sections. You have Groups (with .MGRP files ready to go), Samples (every sound included in the expansion kit), Sounds (Brass, Bass, Organ, etc.) and a Projects folder. To get a feel and taste of what you’re getting, I suggest you open the “Maschine Masters Sampler Kit” file located in the Projects folder. This file contains every sound complied in the kit. In the Sounds folder you’ll find instruments from Belled Synths to Old Keys and Creepy Organs. Something extra to give your tracks some flare. The Samples folder contains all sounds from each kit in WAV format ready for you to mix together and create a classic beat. In Groups, you find ready to go sounds of the producers who contributed to this kit. You have Daysun Civil’s “Drills Kit”, E52Beats “Ear Traffic Control Vol.1”, Noble Beats “ILLustrious Kit”, “Instruments”, TrapSquad’s “Trap Loops”, VintageBeatz “Beatz The Breaks” and “Samples of Fury” (MY FAVORITE OF THE BUNCH), and TripleXbeatz “Crush Kit”. Each kit is unique in it’s own way. You will not be disappointed with what you get. These are well-rounded and clean drum sounds and samples. This isn’t a kit were all sounds sound the same. Every one sound is different from the next. Really makes you appreciate the time and effort the producers take to provide the world with amazing sounds and samples. Make sure you pre-order your NI Maschine Zip Drive to get these sounds today!

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Check out the kit preview below done by 4AR

A special shout out and thanks goes out to these individuals who contributed to the Maschine Masters Expansion Kit:


Special Shouts Out

Vintage Beatz Productions


Daysun Civil


TrapSquad Beats

Noble Beats



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