!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: The Grand Sessions – Piano Loops Review

!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: The Grand Sessions – Piano Loops Review

Continuing with providing producers around the globe with tools for their arsenal, !LLMIND is back with yet another heavy hitter kit, “!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT:The Grand Sessions – Piano Loops”. Complete with 60 audio files (17 Complete Ideas), these riffs and loops are sure to add that extra warmth to any project.


With BPM variations and progressions in Major, Minor, and Fifths ranging from a dark 73 to a more Pop 110, this kit will not disappoint any musician in any genre. All audio files come in 16-bit/44 .WAV formats so they are ready to load and go in any DAW. Each grand piano riff and idea included was composed and preformed by !LLMIND him self. Now for a little insight from my self. One huge factor for me was that these are straight from a grand piano. No e-piano VST or software plug-in. There is no better way to get these clean sounds from any other piece of hardware or software except from an original, REAL grand piano. The fact that it was run through SSL–Duality, recorded to 2 inch tape (Reel to Reel) and brought back into Pro Tools just, to me, gives it a much sweeter feel and brighter sound to it. It brings the work to life. No compression or saturation was added to any sounds in order to provide a much more crisp sound without the “pancake” flat feel to it which is a huge plus. All sounds are mastered under-zero to prevent clipping when getting down to the final mix.


After playing around with these riffs and making some music of my own (with the help of some of the sounds of course) I can truly recommend this kit to anyone. You cannot find a grand piano riff kit that provides great warmth, crisp sound and amazing quality as you would with Grand Sessions. PLUS, all sounds are royalty free and you get bonus content. A bonus within a bonus. Word to Xzibit. Its win win all around.

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