Greg Savage Presents: Boom Bap Phonetics II Review

“The Boom Bap Is Back!”

After releasing his widely successful kit (“J Dilla Drum Kit (Boom Bap Phonetics)”), the genius, Greg Savage, is back with yet another killer drum kit, “Boom Bap Phonetics 2”. The kit includes over 100 banging sounds from kicks, snares, and hi-hats, bass to loops and bonus filler stems all in 16-bit WAV format. Each sound comes in a Clean or Filtered version to give producers the freedom to tweak the sound to their exact liking.  All sounds were processed through the Akai MPC 3000 and SP-303 Sampler. Now to move on with the more personal review.


In my experience as a beat maker, I always looked for the most dirty, gritty sounding kits possible. Finding that right meaty kick or snappy snare could potentially bring a whole new flavor to your beat. This kit provides just that. Kicks to bring that extra punch, hi-hats with the crispiness of a potato chip, and snares that’ll make your head spin. *Side note* I haven’t enjoyed snares like these since Jake One’s “Snare Jordan” release. I did enjoy the bass that was provided but I wish there was more of a selection. As we all know, bass plays a huge part in beat making. Can’t have a banger without bass, right? Another great addition to the kit is the tambourines and shakers/cabasas.  Everyone knows about the struggle to obtaining clear, crisp percussion. Thank the beat gods Mr. Savage added these folders. Now, lets move on to the loops and bonus stems provided. The loops, in my own opinion, are sometimes what SOME beats are missing or need. Sometimes you have a drum pattern laid out and it just doesn’t sound right. You play it over and over and the vibe isn’t right. It might need something extra. That’s were the loops and stems come in. The loops and stems in this kit come in both clean and filtered versions. If you want that grit in your beat, go with the filtered versions. It not only provides a dark ambiance to your drums but it also gives them some character. Overall I am extremely pleased with this drum kit. You cannot find better drums anywhere else and also the fact that these sounds are in RAW form means that we can play around with the plug-ins in our DAW to not only make these sounds our own but also add extra spice to the beat. What more can you ask for?

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