Protect Your Gear With Digital Deck Covers!


Whats good MM fam! I’m back with a quick review and to talk about my experience with the custom dust covers for The Native Instruments Maschine from Our main goal is to protect our gear, our investment. Without our equipment we are nothing. 1 small purchase can extend the life of your large purchase.

With different choices of colors and fabrics, Digital Deck Covers got you COVERED (lol but true). Nylon, cotton, to ones that are more padded, each will give you maximum protection for the Maschine. They sent us some covers to try out and believe me, mine got used right away. In my own production space,its in the basement as well as a smokers and drinkers area. We all know what that leads to, dust, mold, ash and spilled drinks! This is the no brainer product that will save you the headache of damaged gear. Price ranges for Maschine and Maschine Mikro covers are between $21.99-$29.49 plus shipping.

The other important element in keeping your equipment safe is later upgrading or selling for the future. When buying used gear, ppl always will pay for quality. Sellers tend to mention that “This was in a Smoke-Free Environment” which means they took care of their stuff. With the deck covers, this will ensure that you will prolong the life of your studio tools!

They also make covers for all equipment not just for the Maschine. Checkout the pics below and visit!


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