Maschine Masters Beat Battle May Winner

“A Jewish maverick harvesting music that awakens the spiritual conception of truth and self reflection. Saadyah is a beat making beat boxing machine, but he also spends time tuning his acoustic and freestyling on the mic, can you say jack of all trades? Saadyah is a creature of his own music lagoon. Introduced to turntables in his pre-teenage angst years which later had him producing hiphop beats on FL Studio. Since that moment, Saadyah has been producing and making candy for our ears. Born in Detroit, spending his high school years in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina displaced him to his previous residing town of Milwaukee. He has spent the last six years of his life deepening the connection with his creator(G-d)projecting his blessings into all of his creations. Saadyah is currently living in Israel with his wife and newborn son. He is working on starting his own record label and building his own studio.”

husband, father, music producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, MC, beatboxer, hip hop enthusiast, Hassidic Jew, C.E.O. of Saadyah Tzvi Productions, one G-d love peace ✡ ✌

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