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               We spend our hard earned money on our gear. We work in offices, retail stores, warehouses, construction sites, and street corners to amass our studios. But, how many of us have insured our gear? I’m willing to bet about 40% of you reading this review have your gear insured. But even with it being insured you surely aren’t careless with your stuff. If you’re like me, you protect your investments and our friends at have the dust covers to help protect yours.

When I was asked to do the review initially I was asked to pick the cover I wanted. I was like, ‘I have an option?’ Then I went to the website and was amazed at the selection. They literally can make dust covers for ev-er-y-thang (say it like Katt Williams). From pro audio gear, TVs and computers the options are there. If you don’t see your item or model, you can send the dimensions to DigitalDeckCovers, and they will get back to you with an estimate. There are many different fabrics to choose which include nylon, cotton, vinyl, quilted black cotton, and double-sided quilted black nylon. The latter 3 are considered to be premium and ultra-premium fabrics. In the cotton and nylon there are many colors and designs to choose from as well (I went with the cotton camouflage for my Maschine).

Upon receiving my cover in the mail I placed it on my Maschine and of course it was a perfect fit. I’ve noticed over the week that I’ve had it I literally have less dust build up on my Maschine. I was dusting it off once every 3 days at least. I’ve yet to dust having this cover on. I firmly believe this will prolong the life of my Maschine and plan on ordering additional covers for my studio monitors and computer monitors. On a scale of 1-16 pads, I will give my cover 15 pads. Cool looking design, made to fit your gear, excellent price, and great build quality. The one thing I like to see in the future is the ability to choose your own color in addition to what they already have available. Head over to and protect your gear today.


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