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TheMaschineWarehouse.com C4 Traphic Review


Every generation has a style of music that defines them. The 50’s kids had rock n roll, the 70’s kids had disco, 80’s kids had stadium com, and us 90’s kids had the teeny boppers (I know us 90’s kids had by far the worst music to define our generation). The kids of today have trap. Now I personally wanted to resist this fad, and after hearing some pretty crazy trap tracks I can’t refuse, it’s awesome. Our good friends over at TheMaschinewarehouse.com (@1goodknob) have released the follow up to their first trap expansion Boss of the Trap today with C4 Traphic. This expansion is packed with over 120 sounds and plenty of bangin drums to take your trap tracks to the next level.

Usually I go straight to the drums whenever I get a new kit or expansion. But I’ve learned after 4 reviews from the MaschineWarehouse that the goodies always lay in the sounds that they have created. C4 Traphic is packed with sounds ranging from 808 sub bass, bells, brass, plucks, strings, and of course synths. While each and every sound in this kit has its own uniqueness, I personally found the brass section to standout. With over 20 brass sounds all with different characteristics, you can easily create that dirty south anthem music. There is so much richness and fullness of many of the brass sounds, they won’t require a second layer.

Another bonkers section in this expansion is the synth section. There are easily over 50 packed into C4. They all have a very analog feel and take up their own space in your mix. Just by listening, can tell that each sound was created with a vision for how the sound should sound. These sounds will without question help any producer of any genre of music.

Moving onto the drums all I can say is, these smack. The kicks are very punchy with little to no top end. These were without doubt designed to be the backbone of your mix and to easily be layered with a bass line of some sort without needing too much EQing. I will tip my hat and say mission accomplished to that! The two sections of claps and snares are great as well. Definitely not “repacks” but each designed and EQed to serve its purpose. You will surely want to layer the claps and snares together to get the most out of them.

Once again, TheMaschineWarehouse.com has offered a jam packed kit to add to your Maschine library. If you haven’t gotten any of the other kits from them, you are seriously messing up and need to re-evaluate life. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being the lowest and 16 being the highest) I give C4 Traphic a 13 (I wish I had a graphic). Grab this expansion ASAP, and while you’re at it grab Boss of the Trap for the perfect trap experience.


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