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In the new age of the internet, as music producers it is important to have a presence. We are a business as soon as we upload a track and sell it. Paypal collects payment, and instantly money in your account. But like any business it requires time, setup, and management to stay running. is a perfect tool for music producers to run an internet beat selling business smoothly and automatically. Make cash in your sleep! offers a variety of services that makes producers jobs easier. A pro widget player that looks good where you can add to any website with a simple html code (Facebook, soundclick, or own website). With the widget an artist clicks the buy now button that will send them to paypal, make a payment and automatically send them a download link for the purchased beat. Also with every track sold comes with a license agreement between producer and artist. Beatstars did the work for you where you insert different values of price, publishing splits, amount of units distributed for each lease. The different lease options are Standard Lease, Non-Exclusive, Exclusive, Synchronization (TV, Film & Video Game) and Youtube Background Music.

Next is the distribution service where producers can earn revenue through streaming sites such as Youtube, Spotify, MOG, Slacker Last.Fm and RDIO. Beatstars collects anytime your joints are played on those services. Sample free beats only!

The best feature in my opinion is the mobile app! Your own customized app available on Google Play & Apple store for phones and tablets. Handles most smartphones, plus I’ve tried it out on my son’s ZTO tablet and works smooth. This is a great business and marketing service! Crazy!

Another aspect of are producer submissions. These are opportunities to submit to independent and major artist looking for tracks for there next project. Its a variety of artist posted up but currently the opps are Papoose, Styles P, Rick Ross, Devin The Dude, along with Beatstars hosting their own beat tape series. Submit 3 beats for each post with new artists added every month.

With different options for a monthly subscription, you are ready to start your online business. Well organized and guided setup, this producer package will get you up and running so you can spend more time on making the tracks! Fell free to check out my site where I use all the services along with the apps to see if this is something for you!

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David “Reason 4AR” Whitten

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