Welcome Home Mixtape Series by Nottz

Welcome Home Mixtape Series

What up MM Fam! Im here to tell you about this opportunity for producers and artist. The WELCOME HOME MIXTAPE SERIS presented by Nottz!

WHMS is a great vehicle to push artist and producers to get heard that normally don’t get the shine they deserve. With a new volume being released every two months, this is the perfect opportunity to gain exsposure with a new audience interested in dope Hip Hop.

Recently the 1st installment dropped two versions Vol. 1 & Vol. 1.2. They were mixed by the illiest DJ’s; DJ Rhettmatic & DJ I.N.C. Each of them delivered the classic mixtape feel with cuts, blends and bring it backs. With 19 tracks a piece, everyone gets a chance to showcase their talents.

All submissions will be reviewed by Nottz before being selected. $50 per song with a maximum of two songs per volume. All styles of production are open, just good music! WHMS is the project to be part of for future networking. Bringing fresh and quality music of artist/producers on one tape, with potential to reach out to other dope like minded people! Submit now!

To submit & download Vol. & 1.2 visit www.welcomehomemixtapeseries.com


David “Reason 4AR” Whitten

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