The Symbolyc One “S1” Collection Review

The Symbolyc One “S1” Collection

Custom producer kits, are they really? From my personal experience, I have came across producer kits that are “original” to (Enter Super Producer Name Here) that were not impressive. Just group of random sounds thrown in a folder and renamed poorly. For producers/beatmakers that are always searching for some dope sounds, we are not easily impressed. But this is not the case with Symbolyc One Kit (Kanye West “Power”, Beyonce “Best Thing I Never Had”, etc) presented by Istandard Producers.

I’ll keep coming back to the word “Custom” because this is that real! I’ve never heard drum sounds like the ones in this kit. These are not your familiar sounds that you are use to. This kit come with a total 100 sounds (32 snares, 35 kicks, 33 Hi Hats along with toms, cymbals and drum breaks.) All 100 sounds are their own and creatively processed. No duplicates that are pitched up or down to fill up a zip folder.

Starting off with the kicks, these joints thump! With a wide variety to choose from, any style of producer can benefit from these S1 drums. Deep 808s along with punchy kicks with great top end. Some also are mixed with vinyl cracking adding to the texture. What also sticks out with the kicks that they breathe. What I mean by that is they have their own space and will come through any mix with great clarity.

Snares are also gems to have. Big body, full and cracking. Ones that short and tight and ones that are large blended with percussion giving you a different sound. Another note about the snares are louder within the relationship of the kicks. I feel this a plus going to what I mentioned previously that the sounds breathe and having their own space. I believe that S1 had that in mind when creating the kit. It gives a sense that S1 will mix his beat just like this, thus creating his “sound”. All we have to do is fit the puzzle pieces together and go! More time creating and less time mixing.

Hi Hats and other percussion are very awesome. Great sounding hats with a great clang and body. A dope element of the hats are that they are not just 1 hit. They are like mini loops that you can be creative and make melodies that will give your track something distinct. Also included is a killer drum break that will soon be made into its own kit! And some very organic percussion loops.

S1 really delivered on this kit. Forgot to mention the best organized kit i’ve ran across (eg. S1095 SNAP HAT, S1046 JESUS SNARE). In my own creation process, I am always reaching into this kit to add in all my production. A must have in your drum arsenal. Don’t sleep on this one and click the link below to cop this joint now!

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David “Reason 4AR” Whitten

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