Maschine Masters Beat Battle #4 Winner

Born and raised in Upstate Kingston,New York where Well Known Tone fell in love with hip hop the second he heard it. Tone embraced his love for the art by picking up the mic and emceeing for majority of his life. Bored with the direction hip hop was going in the present day, Tone put down the mic to hop behind the boards and enter the realm of beatmaking. Quickly falling in love with the art form all over again. His first piece of gear was the Akai Mpk25 used along with Ableton Live. Tone spent countless hours studying beatmaking techniques and the history untill he was comfortable enough to cop the Native Instruments Maschine. Rapidly adjusting to the workflow, Tone started banging out beats in November of 2012. Driven by pure passion, he has gone on to take it very seriously and learn as much as he could, which brought him to

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