Have you ever had a perfect sample chopped up, looped and ready to go in but can’t find that snare or kick? Some are too harsh or don’t fit the energy. Just need THAT sound. This is were the Foundation Kit from Kicks & Snares provide for us beat makers. A great baseline of go to sounds that you can count on. With over 150 sounds of kicks, snares, hi hats and shakers, should not have any trouble of getting the right texture you need at the moment.

These are essential drum sounds that everyone need to have in the stash. Starting with snares, they have a nice crisp tone to them. Unlike the snares within the Monster Kit, which are large, with long tails, the Foundation Kit snares gives you that short tight snare with dope texture to them. The Kicks are nice and punchy that gives you that thump at around 100hz-120hz. My favorite sound of this kit would be the hi hats, real grimy! These hi hats are going to give you that thick clang with body around 400hz and presence at around 5k without being too thin or piercing in the hi frequencies. Foundation Hats will add another full element into your production. But there are NO crashes in this kit. The shakers are well….Shakers! Damn thats a lot of shakers! lol I personally wouldn’t need that many. Most are similar but there are some dope ones in this batch. 5-8 different ones are the standouts.

The Foundation Kit is a great tool that everyone should have in their collection. Also the Foundation series contains some special custom goodies created by Black Milk. 1 kick, 1 snare, 1 hi hat, 1 open hat is a dope bonus that gives you that true sound that Black Milk is connected to. Its worth the purchase.


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David “Reason 4AR” Whitten

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