iStandard Apple Juice Kid Collection Review

iStandard Apple Juice Kid Collection Review

Glorious; a word often used, perhaps far too often. Let us clear this up right now. Glorious as defined by Webster’s Dictionary:

• Having, worthy of, or bringing fame and admiration
• Having a striking beauty or splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration

The Apple Juice Kid Collection (Beat Making Lab, Wale, MC Lyte) from does just that, and well. This kit comes with drums picked right off the tree (see what I did there?) and stuffed into your Maschine, DAW, or sampler to get the juices flowing (still nothing?). With 100 sounds ranging from kicks, snares, claps, hi hats and more, the Apple Juice Kid Collection will be put to use immediately after loaded.

The great thing about this kit is no 2 sounds have a similar sound. When cycling through the kicks I felt everything from the classic 808 kick with a long tail, to the punchy 808. Some very heavy kicks with lots of resonance, tightly layered ones and even some live acoustic ones, there is no shortage here. No compression or reverb has been added either, allowing you to add your own effects without the worry of them clashing.

The same can be said about the snares and claps in this kit. While dry for the most part, with the exception of reverb in a couple of the sounds, I find the snare very useable almost instantly. Each snare and clap here will cut through the mud in your mix and have many necks snappin in no time. I’d have to say my favorite snare in here is by far the “Snare 606.” Just when previewing it, I almost tore one of my vertebrae out place. I’m positive I will be using this snare in the near future.

Everyone that knows me knows I am a sucker from percussion. Inside this kit you will find an assortment of toms, shakers, splashes, tambourines, and my personal favorite, the djembe. Each one of these samples whether they are live instruments or sample based, they all sound absolutely incredible and will be put to use by many who have this kit. Not to mention there are a few other goodies in this kit that will give it the sprinkles to your already glorious cupcake.

I highly recommend this kit to anyone that…… well eff it, ANYONE! I feel like this is a must have kit in your arsenal. I must say the good folks at are a dang on fool for getting this kit to us at such are ridiculous price tag! Head over to today and cop this kit for yourself. Also while you are there, sign up for THIS! Hits From The Kits Contest CLOSES APRIL 16th 2013


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