Synthplosion Product Review

Synthplosion Product Review

Just as important as we all feel our drums are to our tracks, the rhythm is
equally important, if not more important. Think about your favorite songs, do you
hum the drum beat? No, most of the world hums the melody. Of course if it’s a hot
riff, it’ll be memorable. But what about that sound used in that riff? Do you think
Wrecksx-N-Effects “Rump Shaker” would have been as catchy if there was a
different synth used as the lead, or any of your other favorite songs for that matter?
Well the guys over at (twitter @1goodknob) have a brand
spanking new expansion for your NI Maschine appropriately titled Synthplosion.
Contained in this kit you have over 200 sounds for your Maschine library are well as
15 drum kits.

After receiving the kit, the first thing I went for to check out was the leads. 2
words came to mind, my and God (Not Mayan God). The lead section alone is
packed with many face altering grimy dance type leads, some more subtle leads
that aren’t so in your face, and everything in between. All of these leads (as well as
the sounds in other banks) were altered used Maschine stock effects, so when you
load up those sounds, you see all the effects used and how. Even cooler, you can
alter those effects if you want to. Honestly so many of these sounds are so great out
the box, you won’t need to. And of course since these sounds load into the
Maschine sampler, you are free to play around with the ADSR, polyphony, and
sampler effects like compression and drive. Very, VERY awesome!

Moving onto the other types of sounds I’d say my next favorite are the
strings. They are very analog and ambient they are based on keyboards like the
Roland Jupiter, and the Yamaha CS 80. They are perfect for laying down those base
chords of a track, or awesome for a breakdown in your track. I really like them. They
can easily be used as pads, but the pad section in this expansion is ridiculously sick
as well. Lastly the bass section in Synthplosion is awesome. There are some very
interesting tones to say the least but very usable. I’d recommend with some of
them turning off the effects just to see what the bass sounds like by itself.
Sometimes the bass sound is great without any added effects, but to each their

I can say that has come with it on this one. From
pulsating bass sounds, to club shattering leads, and laid back ambient pads, not
adding this kit to your Maschine library you would be doing yourself a disservice. So
what are you waiting for? Head over to now and grab this

(P.S. I’m serious about the Women, Weed, and Weather Expansion.)


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