I believe that creating great compositions requires sounds that match sound association. With Kicks & Snares’ Southern Comfort Kit, you get the proper drum sounds to complete those bass heavy, dirty synth, trap beats. This kit is full with 40 snares, 47 drums (808 and kicks), 35 claps and 50 hi hats and crashes. With these already processed drum sounds makes it easy to load them up and create dirty south bangers.

Southern Comfort Kit provides us with some crispy snares that will cut through the bass heavy tracks. A dope snap and texture to them. Same thing with the claps, very well processed but sound more complete when layered with the snares. They are in their own frequency range so they won’t clash, more complimentary to each other. The 808’s are dope. Its a few gems in there where they can stand alone and really add the low end banging and the top ringing. I love the kicks because they can add that top punch over a deep 808 that will be noticed on laptop speakers, right in your face. Hi hats are nice and crisp and sit well in higher frequencies. Very tight so that 1/64 note repeat sounds awesome without being harsh to the ear.

If your looking for that southern drum kit you can trust everytime, this is the one. As mentioned before, layering the snares with claps and kicks with the 808’s will put these beats in a different lane compared to not layering these sounds. A dope kit to go to have when applying that “Southern Comfort” to some banging joints

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David “Reason 4AR” Whitten

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