Khrysis Drum Kit Review

Khrysis Drum Kit Review

Most well-known producers have a sound so huge that you could compare it to an all-time great band like Pink Floyd rocking Madison Square Garden. To say we don’t all want to be compared like that one day, I’d say we were all liars. To help us all get there North Carolina based producer Khrysis (Nike documentary LACED, Jean Grae) has provided us with a drum kit that has helped him get to where he’s at.

The first thing I think we’ll love from this kit is the selection of percussion sounds. Lots of bongos, congas, and Middle Eastern sounding djembes that sounds incredible. Some EQing may be needed for a few, but the selection is impeccable. Also, we find that the hi hat samples are extra crispy. They aren’t super bright, or dull and lacking character. Most of the hi hats can be used as is in my opinion.

Moving onto the kicks and snares, we notice a wide range. Some straight off the vinyl, while others are clearly from some sort of drum machine and Khrysis added his own effects. The kick samples definitely out shine the snare samples by a mile here. Punchy, and to the point are most, where others have a little bit of a tail (almost 808 like). While some snares are kind of muddy that they are almost unusable, and others are just great!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re from North Carolina (C’mon and RAISE UP! Sorry, couldn’t resist) or not, the Khrysis kit will be an essential part of your drum collections. Go and grab this today!



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