Boss of the Trap Product Review

Boss of the Trap Product Review

I think it’s safe to say that we all love our NI Maschines and all that they can
do. I think we can all concur that the sounds that come with Maschine are great,
and that NI has done a great job with creating expansion packs for us to add to our
Maschine libraries. Lastly, I think it’s safe to say we can never have a shortage of
sounds at our disposal.

Meet, a website for Maschine users worldwide that
are looking for expansions and kits made by someone other than Native
Instruments. The site currently has 2 kits available, Synthplosion, and Boss of the
Trap. The Boss of the Trap (BOTT) contains over 150 drum sounds and over 40
sound effects and instruments that you would typically find in a trap style rap beat.

First thing I always go to when I get a new kit is the kick drum section. Here
we find a variety of kicks from long release 808 to stabby almost acoustic sounding
kicks. With 43 kicks in all, there is bound to be at least one or two in here that you
will love and find yourself coming back to. But I also won’t go on record to say that
these kicks haven’t been heard before. Moving onto the snares you get a real 808
heavy set, all in different pitches and velocities. Some have reverb, while some are
even layered with claps. Not a bad touch to speed up workflow in my opinion.
There’s also a large selection of cymbals, shakers, toms, snaps, open and closed
hats as well. Again, the drums are good, but I don’t feel like it’s anything ground
breaking, but they do knock and all sound very crispy! You’ll I have no doubt that
you will incorporate these drums into your library in no time.

Next in this kit we have the instruments. A good assortment of plucks, brass,
strings, and choirs will be found here and many others. I do like the sounds, a lot
actually. The brass couldn’t sound any deeper if you ran in through an octave pedal,
but yet is still retails its character. And the strings have just the perfect amount of
bow action in them to make them sound authentic. The synth sounds are of very
high quality as well. Many sound great at either a polysynth or monosynth the
choice is yours. Also included in this kit are 6 different effects presets to give your
sound an extra kick in the teeth.

​I do like this kit and HIGHLY recommend it. It is a great expansion for those looking to make that next dirty south, trap style banger. I look forward to more from the guys at Maybe a west coast kit, call it Women, Weed, and Weather? GO BUY THIS TODAY!!!


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