SWANNY RIVER-“The Interview”


We know who he is. He is the one and only Swanny River! Let’s get into this conversation with one of our greatest supporters. Check it out:

Rushaa: SWANNNNYYY!! What’s up man?!

Swanny River: What’s Good Ma Dude.

R: How is the New Year treating you?

SR: Well it just started. So far, so good.

R: It’s a pleasure to have this sit down with you. We have to find out about the kat that’s getting our beats put out there for the masses to hear.

SR: Ok let’s go. Just so you know I’m an open book. You Ask I Answer.

R: Now I’m about to tell you a rumor. I heard that at 2 years old everybody in the house heard a noise in the living room. They got up thinking it was a robber. When they go into the living room, they were shocked to see the 2 year old baby leaning over the turntable putting Al Green records on the record player….is this a fact? Is this how you started the whole DJ thing? lol

SR: LOL… Just like you said, it’s A Rumor. The way I started Djing.. On My Block There Was This Crew Called The Dance Masters Disco. The head Dj Was My Ex Brother In-law (Scooter Love) Dude Could Dj & Rap At The same time Plus Rock 4 Pioneers . They use to come out In Front Of my Building in Brownsville Brooklyn. And Rock The Crowd. I use to watch Him So Much. Till One Day, Scooter Left the Equipment at my crib. So you Know… I Had To Touch… He Heard I had a lil Sum Sum so he taught me. Then one day I saw The Great Grand Master Flash Scratching and the rest is history.

R: Tell us how Swanny River was born…

SR: Well The Name Wasn’t Swanny River At First. My Name Was Grave Yard. Cause when I did Dj Battles In My Hood I Would Lay Them OUT!! LOL. We use to battle for equipment. I had so Much Stuff I didn’t know what to do with It. Now… The Name Swanny River… I Did a School Dance In High School. (Wingate High) There. My high School Sweet Heart told me “Wow when You Mix & Scratch You Look Graceful Like A Swan” Lmaoo. So I said Kool My New name is Dj Swan. It’s been like That Since I saw an episode Of the Honeymooner’s. When ralph was on the 25 Thousand dollar Question. They ask him who made the Song Swanee River. We all know its Stephen Foster. But when I heard Swanee River, I said DAMM!!! A First Name and last… I’m keeping it! I just spell it Swanny River.

R: Some people are DJ’s, some are Producers. What do the two have in common?

SR: Well they have a Lot in common. Like Djing you have to make sure your set is right. Like the Music You choose, fits with The Atmosphere of the Crowd. And Producing, you have to make sure the music/Instruments and artist is on the same page… There’s a lot that goes with it.

R: Does being a DJ help with your producing?

SR: Yeah, I think so. It can’t hurt…

R: Ok now, be honest…which one do you like the best?

SR: If I had to choose 1, it would be DJing.

R: When did you start producing?

SR: I fell into it. I was in the studio doing some scratches for a band called “Brass Construction”. The song was Zig Zag. At that time my names Was DJ Scratch Master Swan 3… Lmaoo.  This is crazy… as I reminisce… so the leader of the band taught me a lil sum sum.  I fell in love with it.

R: Was there any outside influences that made you want to this?

SR: Hell yeah!  PPl like Randy Miller, Grand Master Flash, Afrika Bambatta, Kool Herc, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze. That’s just to name a few.

R: Those are good influences for sure! Did you learn any instruments to help with your production?

SR: No… All I know is, I play by ear if it sounds good I let it rock…

R: That’s all you need sometimes. That’s exactly how I produce. Is there anything hard about producing to you? If so, are you doing anything to work on it?

SR: The hardest part is working with multiple artist… It’s just too many emotions & egos, etc., etc. I just go in do my job and I let them Know.” I’m Driving This Bus If You Don’t Like It… Get The Fuck Off… I Don’t Put up With Non Sense Point Blank Period!  I hope I answered that right…

 (Reminder to self: ”Bring bus tokens to a Swanny studio session!”)lol

R: Tell us your method when you are about to get in the studio and do your thing…

SR: Believe it or not… I listen to a lot of Salsa music, cause I’m Puerto Rican. I listen to the rhythm and I also listen to other HipHop, BoomBap underground stuff, just to get me in the mood.  A shot Of Tequila, a Corona, and I’m ready to Go IN!!

R: Have you worked with any famous artist that we may know of?

SR: I’ve Worked With Kool G Rap, Blind Fury, Red Spyda, who use to, or still make beats for Dblock, 50Cent etc., etc.

R: Those are some heavy hitters! How was the experience?

SR: It was a great learning experience. I got to watch and engineer for them ..

R: How did you get the connection to work with these artist?

SR: I use to work in a Studio in Queens NY called Diamond Cut Records. (shout out to the Brothers) They put me on.  I Met G Rap through a mixtape I put out called, “The Hood Report” which is on my www.srmg1.bandcamp.com. Go Get That!! LOL

R: How do you price a beat with a famous artist?

SR: Oh… You know the company is paying, so I’m gonna Do Me… Shhh, that’s All I’m saying.. lol

R: Some people sell beats for $20 or far less. Do you think this is bad all the way around for other producers?

SW: I mean it’s a good and bad thing. Good because, if you sell it more than once, you Gonna Get Sum Bank. But… if You don’t.. Well Tuff Toe Nails… lol. I’m sorry but it’s true. As for me, I will Never sell a beat I worked Hard on for 20 beans, Hell no…

R: I agree 100%. Do you think we need a manager to help us get or music out there? If so any managers you can suggest?

SR: Yes, we do need them. I want a woman MGR. Cause they can get into places We can’t. I don’t know of any at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted.

R: This is a good idea, and a good chess move. A lot of us want that connection into the mainstream. Tell us, in your opinion, what we can do to get noticed, and also important, get paid.

SR: This is what I do. I have business cards and demo Cd’s with at least 10 to 15 beats, no more than 1 minute long (A Snippet). Try to get yourself into the parties, the clubs, mix and mingle, NetWork, NetWork, NetWork!! I Can’t say that enough. I Know it may be costly for some to get in the clubs, but, I Know the end result Will be good.

R: Can I like make one beat a week and get discovered? I mean if the beats are tight? Or how should the work ethic be?

SR: Man… Rushaa I tell you, I stay in the lab. My shorty hates it cause I’m always behind the screen.. It is what it is.  I’m tryna make money and get known. I’m not telling your readers to forget they have friends family etc. I’m just saying, if this is what You wanna do… Then, Put Your Heart Into It…

R: You are from New York. I notice that so many artist go to New York to get a contract or come out of New York with a contract. I know the deal when it comes to New York. But for some of the ones that don’t know, explain why that is. And what influence does New York have on you as a producer and DJ?

SR: Lol, as a influence…New York is the home of HIPHOP.  NewYork birthed sum of the best of the best. And I don’t know about coming here for a contract. Cause these companies are a little shady if you don’t have the right team.. Your Gonna get jerked. #justsaying

R: Now, you don’t have to be from New York to make it. History has shown that. As we shout out the homie 9th Wonder. So lay out a simple plan for a up and coming producer to follow, that would make this process a little easier.

SR: Like I said Rushaa, you have to network. Don’t think that making a beat in your basement and posting it on these sites gonna make you a star. Got To get yourself out there let people See you. Talk to people, DRIVE THEM CRAZY (In a good way)! Damm IT, listen To My DEMO!!

R: You know HE said. “Knock and you shall receive.” I’m about to eat some of this Popeye’s, you want some?

SR: NO!!


R: Swanny’s favorite meal?


R: Lol! Ok, let me get back on track.

R: 2011, you create SRMG, “Swanny River Music Group”. Congratulations on that.

SR: Thanx a lot bro! Damm you did your research.. lol

R: Oh yeah, I stalked…I mean, checked out your resume’. Lol. What services do you provide?

SR: Well we are an up & comin Indi lable with 4 Artist under the name. You know I’m the producer, beat maker, radio Host & Ceo.  I offer my artist beats, mixing, mastering, promotion, radio play etc., etc.

R: Cool. You guy’s do it all. That’s what’s up. Do we have to feel nervous about contacting you? Are you like, untouchable like a lot of other companies?

SR: Hec No.. I Love to talk to people, and love to help up & comers. I feel if I plant a seed, it will grow to be something beautiful.. Lol. I know it sound cheezy, but that’s the kind of dude I am. So, if you and your readers need to holla at Uncle Swanny, just do so. I’m not stuck up I’ma fun dude, regular dude.  In fact, if anybody in New York wanna holla at me.. Lets go for sum drinks and hangout…

R: Why did you hook up with Maschine Masters?

SR: I hooked up with Machine Masters cause of Mr.Ag Got Beats. I saw his tutorals and thought the dude is an effing genius. Had me working Maschine like a pro in one month… or less… I hit him up to say thank you for what you do… And the rest is history. I’m proud to be working with MM.  A whole lot of great things are gonna happen for this website. And shout out to Vintage Beats Prod., and everybody involved with MM!

307666_4663816684935_985568791_n (1)

R: That is that guy. Obviously you use Maschine. What do you like about Maschine?

SR: Damm… What Can I say about Maschine?  One thing, it’s SO easy to work on.  That’s it..

R: Maschine or MPC? Or does it even matter?

SR: I Use To use MPC 4000.  Its ok, but way to bulky.  I rather have Maschine. It’s lite weight. I don’t have to worry about wires, a whole bunch of things crowding my space.

R: What is your favorite piece of gear in the studio?

SR: My Maschine & my computer.

R: Do you prefer analog gear or is the whole in the box thing good for you?

SR: It really don’t matter cause I’ll make it do what it do. But, analog is real sweet..

R: Listen up Swanny, we all want to thank you for everything you are doing for us at Maschine Masters. The whole setup is tight. It is also an inspiration to hear about your life as well. It’s becoming rare in our time to come across genuine people in life. Stay you, and never change.

SR: Ma Dude thank You for this opportunity.  I had fun .. You made me think about things I haven’t thought of in years.. Again thanx

R: What are some thoughts you can give us that has helped you throughout your life?

SR: If this is your passion, and this is who you are, don’t let no one tell you that you can’t do it.. For example: If you call yourself 1. A beat maker, 2. A producer, Or whatever, just know it has to come from your heart. And make people feel good, cause if you touch them with music, you doing a good thing..


Swanny’s weapons of choice:

Hardware: Maschine, Hp computer, Dell Laptop, M Audio Axiom 25, M Audio Monitors, Mbox mini

Software: Native Instruments Massive, Reaktor 5, Kontakt 5 , BTV Solo, Protools 8.5 & Guitar Rig 5


R: I’m seeing a pattern here. Each person has one thing in common, humility. No matter how far you get in life, always remain humble. Remember how you started. Also remember that at one time, you had no clue what you were doing. Then one day through help and hard work, you started to crawl, walk, then run. Just be ready for the moment your wings begin to sprout. Be ready to fly…

I’ll holla at ch later,


You can contact Swanny River here:









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