Maschine Masters Beat Battle #1 Winner

Rayeza has been producing since 2000, starting out with every beat makers favorite combo Fruity Loops & Cool Edit Pro. Rayeza was a part of a crew called Speech Ferapy consisting of 13 dudes with a range of talents, based in Leicester City, UK. After much slave labour, Rayeza elevated from FL onto the classic AKAI MPC 2000XL and then quickly onto the MPC 2500. Things started to get serious from here after coppin’ an iMac and Logic, artist collabs and beat sales were ongoing. Eventually he took a break from beats for well over a year after feeling frustrated with the 2500 and its work rate limitations, “I jus’ happened to stumble across Maschine.. At first I laughed jus’ by the look of it, I couldn’t take it serious.. but seein’ as Akai were dead in the water I had nothing to lose”. The rest is history, “production-wise, its the best move I’ve ever made”.

“Honored to take the first MMBB, an dont think I ain’t gonna come back aiming to win again… fair enough taking part is all good, but id rather go in for the kill so you should too.. Peace”.


24 thoughts on “Maschine Masters Beat Battle #1 Winner

  1. RayezaBeats says:

    yes bros… much appreciated for taking time to drop me a message, its makes my efforts worth it.. from my track listens on my SC u can see i dont network much but since this win the notifications keep hittin my phone.. its def worth entering the MMBB’s… e-banga, im jus gettin started ;D

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