Using Maschine with Oldschool Hardware Samplers

In this Maschine tutorial video we give you tips on how to use oldschool samplers with Maschine to get that gritty sound from back in the days.

16 thoughts on “Using Maschine with Oldschool Hardware Samplers

  1. neekrusher says:

    Peace AG Yeah I had the ASR-10 for a week before I returned it back and got
    the MPC 3000 I had the 2000 and 2000 XL worked on the MPC 60. I heard the
    MPC 4000 was the best of the last of the MPC series. Anyway good look on
    the video.

  2. RapidFire Muzik says:

    great Vid man, nice to see that them old Samplerz STILL get used.. i have
    my sp-505 sitting in the closet right now til i getz a proper desk to lay
    out all my little Toys on lol thanks for sharin!

  3. ChiddyBangsVEVO says:

    Nice vid man! I’m getting an sp 303 and already got a Maschine MK2, was
    wondering how the workflow is between the two when integrating samples from
    the sp 303 into the maschine? Peace!

  4. alcutrax says:

    Dope video AG. The 3 loops at the end. Maschine – Clean, Sampletrak 224 –
    Dirty, SP 303 was the Dirtiest in my opinion. I’m sure it depends on
    different variables.

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