Sequencing Boom Bap Drums on the Maschine

This maschine tutorial explains a simple yet effective way to program a boom bap drum pattern in Maschine using the step sequencer.

15 thoughts on “Sequencing Boom Bap Drums on the Maschine

  1. MrFace108 says:

    AG I need help lol I’m new to this been playing drums for 24 years now I’m
    getting into producing can you email me so I can find out some info I joined Maschine Masters, I will continue to do
    research on youtube but I still got questions.

  2. grillabeatz says:

    Hey man, Maschine is perfect for a drummer! I am glad you have joined the
    club. I have been playing for over 10 years now, and Maschine was a really
    easy transition for me. If you need any help with finger drumming technique
    I have a few tutorials on Maschine Masters dedicated to the art. Also, if
    you have any questions feel free to ask me as well. I love helping out!

  3. Mal Moe says:

    Too long to make a beat that simple. I know this was the tutor so the
    movement was slow but just in general. I dont see the fun in letting a
    machine do 90% of the work.

  4. Zakk Brown says:

    hi i have a question, i am trying to record automation for a fade in fade
    out sequence could you tell me how to automate a fade in/ fade out? thanks

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