Sampling Mp3 with Maschine VST in Logic Pro

In this maschine tutorial video we explain how to sample mp3 files into Native Instruments Maschine Mikro mk2 using Apple Logic pro.

10 thoughts on “Sampling Mp3 with Maschine VST in Logic Pro


    Thanks for posting this Fam! I’m new to Maschine and in need of a DAW. I
    was thinking about using Ableton for portability and mobility since I also
    plan on performing live with the Maschine and the Yamaha Motif XF but I
    also want to produce an album. I heard that with Ableton I can use plug-ins
    from Logic 9 for mastering in Ableton but would you recommend keeping Logic
    9 strictly for Mastering and track producing?

  2. Maschine Masters says:

    Thats how I would use it.. But you can actually use ableton as a daw too
    without logic. Its all about which one goes best with your workflow. Hope
    this helps

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