Rsonist of Heatmakerz using the Maschine

     In this video Rsonist talks to Dubspot Instructor Shareef Islam about his creative process and how he produced the hit single “Dipset Anthem“. Like a ton of other producers who came from an MPC background he often struggled with the Maschine.  He explains not really having the patience to learn it so he ultimately abandoned the Maschine.  But from watching this, I noticed that when he began to get the information from Islam on how to operate the Maschine he became more engaged.  This only confirms that we as humans find comfort in familiar territory.  All of the new “Hybrid” machines coming out pretty much do the same thing, so it all boils down to workflow.  Once you learn how to navigate around any piece of gear, it becomes that much easier to get your creative thoughts out.

      In closing, if you own a Maschine and have not spent the amount of time necessary to learn it, you will most likely end up in this same boat.  This can be said for any other equipment as well.  If you are the type that learn better from watching others in action, there are plenty of tutorial sites available for you. would be a great place to start!


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2 thoughts on “Rsonist of Heatmakerz using the Maschine

  1. Zingisa says:

    I have komplete 8 and a midi coolrnter keyboard. I use Sonar X1 to record. I was thinking about getting a Maschine Mikro. But after watching this video I think the Mikro is nothing more than a repackaged version of what I already have. Dont need the square buttons to play/program beats I got a keyboard that will do it just the same and then just use sonar to capture the sequence. Now I know that it comes with 6GB’s of sounds but Komplete 8 has 110GB. including drums. Why would I get one. HELP

    • MaschineMasters says:

      Well it is a little different being that the hardware is totally dedicated to the software.. So unlike with sonar and a midi keyboard you can actually cut off your computer monitor or close your laptop and still control the software without looking. But with that said if you are comfortable with the workflow you already have I would say Komplete 8 would be the way to go. Hope this helps! thanks for visiting MM!

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