“Let’s Show A Lady Some Love” Part 2

In Part one we introduced you to  Georgia Anne Muldrow”.  Now comes the inspiration. And lets be real here, I’m laughin hard right now! This lady is SO crazy on the trax I’m “personally” ashamed that I did’t make these trax myself! You ever felt that way when you heard a certain song?  We should be truly pushed to acheive more when watching Georgia do her thing in these videos. True, Maschine can be used to create many different styles of music, but let’s pay homage to the HipHop culture for bringing so many styles together to make a new form of art. Please be inspired and show much respect to BOTH video’s.  Ladies and gentlemem “Georgia Anne Muldrow” in the studio:

You dig?  I’m heading straight to the studio after that!  I have to get my thing together. What about you?  Did you see the focus in her eyes? All it takes is love, focus and determination. Let us continue to inspire each other here on MaschineMasters.com! Each one teach one. And in the words of Georgia Anne Muldrow remember,”The metronome ain’t a piece of equipment, it’s your heartbeat, footsteps through your own life.”

Georgia’s Weapons Of Choice:

  • Mac
  • Maschine
  • Native Instruments Komplete
  • Alesis Moniters
  • M-Audio Keyboard
  • 88 Key Midi Board
  • MPC 2000XL Black

Holla at cha later,


                                                                                      Click Here for Part 1

4 thoughts on ““Let’s Show A Lady Some Love” Part 2

  1. Frequency says:

    Nuff respect to this lovely ladys, just the sounds she uses makes me wana make a beat , and i like the little baba sleeping, he gona be a dope beat maker too..

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