Setting up plugins in Maschine

In this Maschine tutorial video we show you how to load plugins in Maschine 1.8 and avoid crashes on a mac.

12 thoughts on “Setting up plugins in Maschine

  1. Connor Goodwyn says:

    I tried everything in this video on my Windows PC but none of my plugins
    will load up. I have tried it loading up the locations of massive and fm8
    but they will not show up in my maschine software

  2. galvatron313 says:

    My name is josh Taylor….I saw your video on plugins……I down loaded
    massive…..I activated it but its not working right…..I’m not sure what
    to do…..can u help please….can u let me know exactly what to

  3. Tom Eaton says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! This might sound dumb but- i’ve got all my plug
    ins checked in the manager in preferences, but in the browser section of my
    machine controller i still can’t select any instruments. It says 0. Have i
    missed something?

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