Sampling Secrets on Maschine

In this “how to” maschine tutorial video we break down a simple yet effective way to sample for those just starting to explore the art of sampling… It can be used on any sampler from akai mpc to fl studio to ableton live to Reason… Hope this helps someone and thanks for watching!

28 thoughts on “Sampling Secrets on Maschine

  1. Biaggio Snollygoster says:

    i just ordered this, as well as a korg midi keyboard. is there a specific
    software you would recommend outside of the software that comes with the
    maschine? something i can integrate both the maschine and keyboard with?

  2. Kyle Volpe says:

    can anybody here help me with actually recording a sample. I got a sample
    loaded in an chopped up onto 16 pads. But when i press record an play 4
    bars it doesnt record the sample? …….anybody?

  3. OzBoomBap86 says:

    i want to know how to record a mono signal. like mpc’s give you the
    i want to record signals from my s950. and then chop in maschine. in
    maschine i only have the option of left or right or left and right… i
    want mono. how do i do this. what if i record a signal left, then right,
    and merged them together, can that be done?

  4. Benjamin Hemara says:

    you totally went from having a loop to all of a sudden having all of them
    layed out.. how did u spread them evenly.. u kinda missed that step?

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