Recording Maschine Midi into Studio One DAW

In this Maschine tutorial video we explain how to use maschine as a vst plugin in Studio One or any DAW and route each drum sound to record and mix separately using midi data.

14 thoughts on “Recording Maschine Midi into Studio One DAW

  1. Bam sheriff says:

    please how did u get dat done…? am using studion one pro and maschine
    mikro it seems not to be working for me i have tried it several times

  2. yarandomz says:

    I need help with getting maschine to show up as a vst instrument in studio
    one please Have you found out how? just wondering if so could you tell me

  3. Tallboi Juan says:

    My Dude great vid but Im having Prob lems Incorporating Maschine with
    studio one…I set it on my Mac some time ago but forgot a few things and
    cant add it to my windows laptop Help a tallboi out

  4. Allnewthreads says:

    i can’t drag n drop my machine to studio one.i found folder that says
    maschine in files on S1 but it wont go in like the maschine folder is empty
    or something

  5. mikemike0677 says:

    Thanks for all the tutorials first off. 2nd, I downloaded the free version
    of studio one, I want to test if before i drop 4 on S1 Pro. And i was
    wondering how to get S1 to allow maschine mikro into the instruments panel
    on maschine? do i need to use the template that comes with S1 for the

  6. Allnewthreads says:

    i can’t drag maschine over and doesn’t show up in studio 1 need help sun
    kontakt4,reactor5 all show up but no maschine need help at stand still for
    real any help

  7. Christian McCoy says:

    Yo, I’m operating with the Maschine Mikro. It may be slightly different,
    but I think I’ve done everything you said on this tutorial, but I’m still
    not getting a signal. My DAW is Studio One Artist….can you help?

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