Recording Maschine Audio into your DAW

In this Maschine tutorial video we explain how to track out from maschine by routing audio to Pro Tools or your DAW of choice for further mixing and mastering.

18 thoughts on “Recording Maschine Audio into your DAW

  1. kitches says:

    i did everything and went to hit the play button to record and nothing
    records. i see the sound meter playing the track on the instrument track
    but i hear no sound. and when i hit the record button on the Transport and
    push play it causes pro tools to overload and crash. wtf is going on?

  2. syncrothepoet says:

    Is there a way to do this if your Maschine session has multiple scenes and
    multiple patterns per group? I tried this and it recorded the audio i
    selected but it also picked up on some sounds that i did not assign outputs
    to. My kick drum audio wave had my strings and bass line in it but every
    other track was isolated. weird.

  3. Brandon Dailey says:

    SO you have to record the whole song into pro tools to mix all the sounds?
    It would be way quicker to just mix everything in Maschine.. But then again
    I don’t know how to. I hear this is best way to mix music is in pro tools.

  4. Nicholas Armstrong says:

    Question. If you had 20 tracks to send to you DAW, you would follow this
    for 1-16. Then, on a second pass could you mute the first 16, and re-assign
    the next 4 tracks to outs 1-4?

  5. Johnny Biggs says:

    right click on the track or u can select multiple tracks and select i think
    it’s split to mono, ur gonna end up with 3 tracks, the stereo track, a mono
    left and mono right, so u can just delete the ones u dont want

  6. kianakoolaid2 says:

    If you route a whole Group to one track in Pro Tools, will it still pick up
    every part in it, for instance my kit group I’d want on my same track? Will
    that work?

  7. Eric Pederson says:

    Got some clipping… 😉 But I do love Maschine. I sampled my drummers
    hits and little guitar parts I come up with and trigger them using it.
    Extremely useful tool to have in any studio. Actually, everyone needs a
    sampler because this isn’t 1981, but still. Maschine is one of the best
    I’ve used.

  8. van richardson says:

    I followed your steps, but when I click record enable I don’t hear anything
    until for a split second when I press stop, I don’t see signal either, but
    when I record everything is there. I would just like to gain stage before
    recording. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it.

  9. kianakoolaid2 says:

    alright I came back to this. When I go into inserts, instruments, there is
    no machine. I changed preferences to view by manufacturer and went into
    native instruments and still the only things that pop up are Kontact,
    Massive, and Reaktor.. how do I find the machine plug-in itself.

  10. SoulSheIS says:

    Could this be used with sample chops? Say, after you edited your sample,
    assigned them to groups/pads and instead wanted to lay down a pattern
    inside your DAW and not in Maschine?

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