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    • MaschineMasters says:

      Sup bro! all you have to do is hold the note repeat button then press control.. that will keep the screen up. Then hold the pad you want to snare roll.. you can then turn knob to set your timing! hope that helps and thanks for joining!

  1. neilfame says:

    Yo, this is Neil from Bmore and I just wanted to say thanks for the info…..I’m new to the Machine fam but you and this site has already eased the learning curve. And thanks for the Sample packs….man o man they are some hot samples ….will be checking in weekly so keep it coming ….appreciate the love fam

  2. bluedelta8888 says:

    Thanks AG for all you have done, posting tutorials on youtube, sample packs on Saturdays and getting the Maschine Master website up and running. Those was the best thing that could have happen for me being new to the Maschine Family. I look forward to learning so much! Thanks once again!!!

  3. D-Ace says:

    The site’s lookin good!! A question about the Maschine Masters mixtape, is it a mixtape of beats by the members of this site, or a mixtape of our own produced beats and acapellas mixed on it?

  4. NadBeatz says:

    Sup AG, youre running a real hot website, your sample packs and vids are fire, thanks so much.
    Hopefully i’ll be the first subscriber from Venice Italy so far.
    Great job man, really!!!!


  5. flawless music says:

    How can you stop the sample from playing on the mirko when you hit the pad? I know in one tutorial it was shown with the bigger joint and polyphony button.

  6. diDprojects says:

    Think I posted on wrong place (video tutorial request) .. I suggested a Maschine Gallery for photos of custom designs etc.. What do you think AG?
    PEACE 🙂

  7. flawless music says:

    for some reason when i loaded up a sample and used it in the beat, then come back to it after closing maschine the sample lags. i emailed the track in so someone can hear it. track called is flawless cry with ojays sample.

  8. thefryinpan says:

    Is anyone having issues with the knobs 1,2, 5,6 when in editing mode .. Mine seems to snap to the transients , and 5 and 6 if I turn say to scroll to the left or right and turn it 360 degrees in normal speed and let go the start or end marker whichever way I’m scrolling continues to scroll as if i were still turning knob ..

  9. NadBeatz says:

    Login Issue:

    Sorry for posting here, but i got this error when i attempt to log in:

    “503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
    Please contact Support if you require assistance.

    Looks like a restricting access to users who had viewed the site from multiple IP addresses (several computers or networks)

    Maybe you have a member management plugin running.

    Thanks in advance,


  10. nepelm beats says:

    I was lazy about updating to 1.8. but now i have done it, but when i try and record a sample it registers but no sample is there. I dont even get the bars moving when record player is playing! Help!!

  11. sure15 says:

    whats up maschine masters!?….just downloaded MM Chopped breaks Vol. 1 and is exited as hell!!… but im being told to locate missing sample when i try to load one….i followed the how to preview and load samples video which worked with the sample packs and 300 essientail break beats….(by the way thank yall very much!..this site is a dream come true i swear) please help….thank u….peace

  12. flawless music says:

    I tried to make a donation and I got a message saying, sorry cant be completed?! I have money there so that wasnt the case.(just checked) But I dont have a paypal.???. Nepelm Beats

  13. thebadmojo says:

    Just found this site thru the youtube videos and I’m stoked for all the content and community! I am trying to download some sample packs and drum kits from here but they seem to get stuck about halfway through and never complete. Any idea whats causing this? Thanks for any help!

  14. nepelm beats says:

    I got a dope response to tutorials and video blog about growth here at MM I want to share! Im getting it all edited and done correctly. Still learning as I go.

  15. thebadmojo says:

    I purchased the “AG got beats breakdown vol 1” from my iphone while in NY last week and now I’m back home at my PC and can’t figure out how to download it. I thought the purchase would be saved to my account but it only gives me an option to buy it again. I have a receipt I can send if needed. Thanks in advance.

  16. flawless music says:

    I looged in to buy the kit. It got all the info then sent me to a page with a gang of numbers like the matrix saying there was an error. Then it wouldnt accept both cards that got more than few hundred each?

  17. WELL KNOWN TONE says:

    Just dropping in to s/o MM. I appreciate everything you guys have been doin with the whole movement…from the helpful tutorials…sample packs…drum kits…all the dope services…and the friendly and patient staff….you guys have made my beat making experience an interactive one…when im in the lab i feel like theres a small village of maschine heads right there with me…this movement is definetly goin in the right direction…thanks and please keep it up.

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