Maschine Drum Layering Technique

In this maschine tutorial we explain how to layer drums like a MPC and build a bangin drum kit

19 thoughts on “Maschine Drum Layering Technique

  1. Sean Macumber says:

    Generally speaking, do you EQ using studio monitors or
    headphones….honestly, since I do my work on an iPad. I’ve been kind of
    using headphones to EQ then “mixing” once I go through an AUX cable to my
    car’s system. Are monitors supposed to be a representation of what your
    tunes will sound like in a car?

  2. Jude Raw says:

    This is a nice feature but it takes up alot of pads, with the Renaissance
    you can stack all those sounds on one single pad. Not knocking maschine but
    that Ren is coming up.

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