How to use Maschine Step Edit to Sequence

In this maschine tutorial we explain maschine’s step edit feature and show how to use it to create a dirty south style drum loop.

6 thoughts on “How to use Maschine Step Edit to Sequence

  1. Saint Bastard says:

    Is this only possible with the big maschine, I have a Mikro and seem to be
    having a lot of trouble getting tutorials on that. Everybody seems to have
    the bigger brother which seems a bit easy to use due to all the buttons for
    each action.

  2. Saint Bastard says:

    I got it at Christmas but have only just this week managed to fix my pc. to
    be honest I’m finding it all a bit complicated and it’s really stressing me
    out lol. i have no idea about CC editing and getting it to work within
    cubase. groove agent. i haven’t made anything recently but two years ago i
    had an Akai MPD32 and it was a lot more fluent with the work rate on
    Cubase. if i could get it working properly outside of the Maschine software
    i won’t regret not buying another MPD lol.

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