Export Maschine Audio Files to your DAW

In this Maschine tutorial video we will show you how to track out your maschine project by exporting individual wave files then importing into Reason 6… This can be achieved in any DAW!

16 thoughts on “Export Maschine Audio Files to your DAW

  1. DS POET says:

    Nice vid. I have Logic 9 & Maschine. I was in between mixing & mastering my
    beats in machine, then export it as a master mp3 or do it this way. After
    watching this vid, gonna do it this way to give me more control over
    individual instruments and sounds. Thanks guy, keep’em coming….

  2. santo illest says:

    Thanks fore the vid..I def needed this but I was wondering….why didn’t
    you choose the normalize feature? I really don’t know what it is and was
    wondering if you can give a little info on it. Thanks so much.

  3. Big Tank says:

    Hey when I import waves that I tracked out from Maschine into my daw the
    tracks are faster in my daw. Besides loop optimize in Maschine what else
    could be the problem? I set the bpm in my daw is the same bpm the wave
    files are.

  4. SoulSheIS says:

    Great information! Could this work when creating sample chops? Say after
    you create your samples, assign them to pads, you prefer to lay them down
    in your DAW, rather than in Maschine’s DAW?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Erick Hudak says:

    thanks i just got 2.0 and it didn’t make it as apparent for the selection
    of master group and sounds… also you should record from computer audio so
    it doesn’t sound so distorted when you PB … you really prefer mixing in

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