Drag n Drop Maschine Audio to your DAW

In this maschine tutorial video we explain how to track out from Maschine to Ableton Live DAW by drag and dropping audio individually.

13 thoughts on “Drag n Drop Maschine Audio to your DAW

  1. syckrhythm says:

    Every time I drag the audio to Live, it changes the tempo of Live, even tho
    I have both Ableton and Maschine at the same tempo (120bpm) it will
    randomly change it to say, 124.85bpm. Any idea why?

  2. Damien M says:

    For any Maschine/Ableton live users struggling to get this ‘drag & drop’
    functionality to work properly, you need to go into Live Preferences and
    change default warp mode from ‘Beats’ to ‘Complex’. For some reason
    Ableton’s engine does not seem to detect transients very well when set to
    ‘Beats’.. Something that was not pointed out in this video. Hope this helps

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