Chop Samples in Maschine using Drag and Drop

In this Maschine tutorial video we demonstrate in Maschine 1.8 how to chop a sample and drag n drop to multiple groups for easy access when creating different sequences in a sampled based beat.

21 thoughts on “Chop Samples in Maschine using Drag and Drop

  1. Buddhima K says:

    hey guys! thanks for the vids 🙂 I’ve been having a problem with the
    slicing volume.. tried the NI forum too. I can’t control volume when I’m
    slicing, and it’s reeeally too loud 😐 any ideas?

  2. Philippe M. says:

    thanks for the video, but everytime I truncate it creates a new sample on
    my harddrive , actually in the folder I got my sample in. So everytime I
    make a beat I end up with dozens of copies of a sample and most of them are
    not even used in the beat. it’s a complete mess, how do you go about
    solving this problem? thanks

  3. clickshit says:

    very helpful thx! do you know this problem: i finish a Scene(1) with
    samples from group B. after I go to another scene(2) with samples from
    Group C. during the play of the scenes (1+2), the last set of samples (from
    group B) is played still in scene 2. sorry for my english … i hope you
    understand what i mean?

  4. NaVilla Freeze says:

    Thank you, brother, thank you- Ohmygod, this is the exact video I have been
    looking for for two days. Thank you, bro. You made my life easier.

  5. SoulSheIS says:

    Great video! Is there anyway track out your sample chops and so you could
    arrange them in an External Daw? Would you have track out as MIDI?


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