How to use Maschine patterns and scenes


  1. great video bro!!!

    philipzebulon10, 1 year ago

  2. how can you play the entire track with all scenes together?

    philipzebulon10, 1 year ago

  3. the little grey bar directly under scene name.. drag the right arrow across to the end of your last scene and that should do it! thanks for watching!

    Maschine Masters, 1 year ago

  4. Each group has 4 banks with 16 patterns. :D
    That makes 64 :D

    alecsbuga, 1 year ago

  5. How did u change the bars from 4 to 8 so fast….I copy paste and then nudge takes for ever!!!!

    361freshazimiz, 1 year ago

  6. how to insert scenes? For example, how to move scene6 between scene1 and scene2 in a quick way?
    Thank you

    cheevylization, 1 year ago

  7. Thanks for helping answer questions homie!! much appreciated!!

    Maschine Masters, 1 year ago

  8. if you look at hardware.. go to pattern then look in left display and click double.. and that will do it.. thanks for watching!

    Maschine Masters, 1 year ago

  9. Hold down Scene, then press ALL button, over on the left screen

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  10. nice track – i maky have to search but i will ask u folks 1 how do i make maschine find my reaktor files / save it to maschine 2 i down loaded my 1.8 update but didnt get the massive content was that only for people that bought mk2 thanks

    brashyb, 1 year ago

  11. this tutorial should clear the air for all those who hates on maschine’s song mode.. I use to hate it but i’ve learn the concept and how to use it now i love it

    Lee Da Hitman, 1 year ago

  12. the Massive was emailed to you. whatever email account you registered with NI, you should have an email with Massive and your serial.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  13. Can you put two paterns of the same group in the same scene, so they play back at the same time?

    calminprogress, 1 year ago

  14. no you can’t, you can only do 1 pattern per group in a single scene. Example, You can’t have patterns 1 & 2 from group A on scene 1.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  15. Nice tutorial! But how do you do the snare and hi-hat symbol roll to work in machine?

    FLAWLESS603, 1 year ago

  16. How can u get maschine to do the hi-hat and snare roll?

    FLAWLESS603, 1 year ago

  17. will be posting more tutorials for requests on maschine masters dot com the site launched tomorrow!

    Maschine Masters, 1 year ago

  18. Hi! I have to thank you so much for the tips that you give in these videos, they are wonderful and much useful. I would like to know how to solve a specific problem that I have found using Maschine: When I have to make up the group for my samples (chops) and my drums I have noticed that in certain cases you cannot use the same space in the chromatic scale of the midi if some group has assignied alredy that space, this would make the sound overlap, but in certain cases this doesn’t happen, why?

    Fides GROOVISIONARY, 1 year ago

  19. kinda like ableton style , but great work, only problem with maschine is rate and sample rate latency, its really strong ..

    Jayjae Martinez, 1 year ago

  20. That sample is fire bro!

    Jihad Baracus, 1 year ago

  21. great stuff. how do you edit a scene without playing it if other scenes are already playing? also, what does the retrig option do?

    Alexander Copp, 1 year ago

  22. How can I use transitions sounds from pattern to pattern. Like beam sounds or cymbal rolls?

    Blak Trak, 1 year ago

  23. fucking dope beat

    s3guin, 1 year ago

  24. how do you duplicate a sample or a beat onto different pads?

    Michael M., 1 year ago

  25. how do you make more bars ?

    TheHubbyboy, 1 year ago

  26. thanks for the video! I still have questions about scenes how do a I create a new scene once all my group a-h are used. I not sure what the scenes actually do? Im little lost can you help me out?

    PlatinumSouls1, 1 year ago

  27. johnny biggs

    this song/scene mode whatever to me is so damn garbage, maybe once i get used to it and get my own lil way on how i’ll work it then i’ll start to like it, but as of right now i’m missing my mpc song mode

    johnny biggs, 1 year ago

    • MaschineMasters

      I know your frustration bro.. but like you said once you get use to it the workflow is much faster in my opinion. Thanks for checking us out!

      MaschineMasters, 1 year ago

      • johnny biggs

        the ony thing that bothers me is i cant copy a squence and then mute out sounds and have that only for that sequence, it mutes the pad for the whole group

        i have to go into each pattern and delete the sounds out manually which is a hassle, maybe theres a way to do what i’m tryin, if there is i havent figured it out yet

        johnny biggs, 1 year ago

  28. Avatar of robloc

    im new to maschine an was only use to making beats on a triton, ok i made two beats on maschine but everything is on scene one how do i move things aorund by the way im using maschine mikro mk2?

    robloc, 1 year ago

    • MaschineMasters

      Need a lil more detail as far as what you are trying to move.. trying to add more scenes? change patterns? etc.

      MaschineMasters, 1 year ago

  29. im a new user to machine but when i put the scenes together theres a break there before it plays through.. only thing i can’t seem to get right. the timing!

    kevo, 1 year ago

    • MaschineMasters

      Sounds like when you recorded it started at the end of bar instead of beginning.. check to see if midi notes are at the beginning if not quantize them or drag them over.. hope this helps

      MaschineMasters, 1 year ago

  30. I can not find my click on maschine

    SideWayzEntLLc, 1 year ago

  31. Hold Duplicate, press the pad you want to duplicate then press the pad you want do duplicate it to.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  32. Hold down pattern, on the left screen you will see the amount of bars to make the pattern, turn the knob below it.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  33. scenes are how you create a whole song within maschine. even you’ve used all your groups you can still arrange the scenes how ever you see fit. to just to another scene eitehr click the scene, or hold the scene button and press the corresponding pad.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  34. Hold shift, then press play

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  35. still not 100% on that I must be truthful!

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  36. place em how you see fit. Usually those sounds are at bar 4, so just go ahead and record them in at that point.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  37. Yeah boi!!!! And I didn’t play this at the battle…. smh….. should have. oh well

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  38. I’m not sure I understand the question.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  39. I only have a Maschine Mikro and I have the same problem
    How do I change the bars without copy pasting?

    Rudy Levassor, 1 year ago

  40. Are you talking about your Polyphony settings? If you don’t want certain sounds to overlap then change your polyphony group to 1 and your Choke group to 1 on the sounds that you don’t want to overlap, each pad will trigger off after you hit another pad. But also change the Pitch/Gate to Oneshot or ADSR. Not sure if this is going to help or if you already knew this..maybe you were talkin about something else? Hoping I got it right! (:

    TLil21, 1 year ago

  41. You know that first 4bar scene for your intro, then it transitions to your second 4bar scene? Those 2 scenes are identical right? Do they sound different because you changed the Pitch?

    TLil21, 1 year ago

  42. Thank you For the reply Much appreciated I’ve solved it Yo!!!! ;))

    Fides GROOVISIONARY, 1 year ago

  43. I have 38 patterns on one bank.. Is this some sort of maschine glitch? Looks like I can make unlimited patterns.. Is this normal?

    DkdcOfficialChannel, 1 year ago

  44. you can actually make 64 patterns per group.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  45. those are 2 different scenes. I chopped the same sample 2 different ways. And placed the 2 different patterns on scenes 1 and 2

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  46. The layout of maschine sucks I like reason way better….. But good beat by the way

    sazkwatch, 1 year ago

  47. I thought I was the only one with videos like this – 5*z

    hiphopsamplez, 1 year ago

  48. Every system accomplishes the same thing, creativity. There are just different ways to get there. Reason is an awesome program and I use it myself along with Maschine! Thanks for watching and thanks for the compliments on the track! Keep Rawking!

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  49. What about automation in patterns? I’m having hard time differentiating automation from pattern 1 to 2.. any comments sir?

    rushikesh vyas, 1 year ago

  50. you could just record the automation all at one time. select all scenes and just go from there

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  51. What trying to achieve is this: Group bassline1: Scene1: Patt.1 – automation on cutoff Freq.(low to high) at one certain freq. I want to continue same notes in scene 2: patt. 2, I copied patt1 and pasted in patt 2. deleted the automation which also deleted automation in patt.1, am I doing anything wrong or that’s how it is?? thank you, really appreciate your comments…

    rushikesh vyas, 1 year ago

  52. In other words, is automation a global parameter applied to all patterns or you can have individual automation painted out for each pattern you create, thanks again::)) cheers..

    rushikesh vyas, 1 year ago

  53. AAAA, as far as I know, its all invidual. I’d have to look into it deeper

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  54. after you make a pattern….how do you loop make it repeat

    EarlxOFmusic, 1 year ago

  55. I have a question, if your pattern is aleady at longest 4 bars and you want it to be 16 for a verse how do you do that?

    andrewmast60, 1 year ago

  56. the info was good but we need to see it done from scratch.

    kooldjmagic, 1 year ago

  57. sound muddy

    Jesse Garcia, 1 year ago

  58. nice vid, ive got a question
    how do you duplicate a scene,
    when i duplicate one on mine it changes the order of patterns for some reason?

    digitaltracks2, 1 year ago

  59. where is hardware?

    james kaso, 1 year ago

  60. where is hardware?

    james kaso, 1 year ago

  61. im tryna figure out how to dupe the pattern..

    james kaso, 1 year ago

  62. gotcha! dope stuff thanks

    TLil21, 1 year ago

  63. great tutorial bro. just have one question: how do you copy a pattern? thx

    4ChristJesus, 1 year ago

  64. Hold down duplicate and pattern, select the pattern you want to dupicate, then select the patter number you want to duplicate it too.

    James Jaxin, 1 year ago

  65. 3:40 they won’t play ”simultaneously”, but sequentially

    good break down nonetheless

    juanxxxtwoxxxthree, 1 year ago

  66. you can do it with the micro…what he said^^^^^^ press& hold dwn the pattern button and and on the screen you will see double dubl 4 short if on the micro.. press F1 right above it..

    avenue3reeStudios, 1 year ago

  67. how do you get more than 16 scenes?

    TazBeatzVA, 12 months ago

  68. zoom out on scences and you’ll see there are way more than 16 scences/

    James Jaxin, 12 months ago

  69. there is no hardware with pattern on it what dude more detail please

    312roxas, 11 months ago

  70. Thank you

    ThisisZaCE, 11 months ago

  71. Do you have any vids on how to create a White noise effect? (Sweeping sound)

    Kieran Milton, 11 months ago

  72. i have a pattern on ‘scene one’ with automated effects, i want to play the same pattern on scene two but i want to set different effects from scratch while staying on the same group, how can i achieve my goal.

    Jorge Villalobos, 10 months ago

  73. Lets say you made all your patterns in scene 1 but you want to move some of them over to scene 2 or 3 how do you move them over????

    MrREALTALK210, 10 months ago

  74. I literally love you. Ive had my Maschine for like 2 years….havent used it really because i was frustrated trying to learn to work it……dude i feel dumb for how simple it truly is. thank you soooo muchhhhhhh <3

    Tianna Rhymes, 10 months ago

  75. U can also double-click the grey bar as well

    Peter Olsen, 10 months ago

  76. On the actual machine (the hardware) right next to the pads theres a button that says “pattern”

    TheGotham84, 10 months ago

  77. How long was that beat when you finished ? What’s the desired amount for scenes to make a good length track ?

    Lukie Spitta, 10 months ago

  78. i have a problem i do all this but i can export it in wav so i can post it can you tell me pls send me over in my yputube acount or fb dimitris psaycaym txs

    DaRkDim PsyCayM, 10 months ago

  79. Do you know how to record the intro as a stutter into a mix…like when u hit the restart/LOOP button like 4 times before the full song plays out but the 4 times u press restart its is recorded into the intro… That’s the best way I can explain it… Inbox me i can give u my email or contact number to explain better…THANKS

    arcadeMUZIK1, 10 months ago

  80. hey I have a question , Im trying to layer drums to a sample , when i push play the preset patterns on the drum kit starts to go off with the sample , its gettin in the way of what im trying to do any advice ?

    Lamont Andrade, 10 months ago

  81. you need to give us that one from creation to end, that shit is ill. what kits and samples did you use?

    christopher simmons, 9 months ago

  82. what’s up Herb Albert?

    Dave Mercado, 9 months ago

  83. great ear!!!

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  84. great ear!!!

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  85. someone all ready figured out the artist, now just browse hit catalog. I used a stock maschine kit. this beat was made strictly for this demo. I’ve done nothing with it.

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  86. someone all ready figured out the artist, now just browse hit catalog. I used a stock maschine kit. this beat was made strictly for this demo. I’ve done nothing with it.

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  87. set the sample polyphony to 1, and create a pattern of only 1 bar and trigger the sample on the 1,2,3, and 4. Make that your first scene, then on scene 2, have your normal beat come in!! join Maschine Masters dot com

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  88. set the sample polyphony to 1, and create a pattern of only 1 bar and trigger the sample on the 1,2,3, and 4. Make that your first scene, then on scene 2, have your normal beat come in!! join Maschine Masters dot com

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  89. I’m confused by this statement.

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  90. I’m confused by this statement.

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  91. entirely up to how creative you’re feeling for your track!

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  92. entirely up to how creative you’re feeling for your track!

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  93. no need to feel dumb, we can all learn from each other. You may be great at things I have no idea how to do in Maschine… (SIDE CHAIN prior to 2.0). join the community at Maschine Masters Dot Com

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  94. no need to feel dumb, we can all learn from each other. You may be great at things I have no idea how to do in Maschine… (SIDE CHAIN prior to 2.0). join the community at Maschine Masters Dot Com

    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  95. Hey I got the Maschine Mikro yesterday but I can’t figure out how to change
    how many bars are in a patter, any advice?

    MattValentinee, 8 months ago

  96. Hello James, thanks for your video! I’ve had a Maschine Studio (first
    Maschine ever) for just a few days and can’t find any instructions on how
    to copy a pattern (I’m used to calling them regions) into the same scene on
    a different instrument. I can copy to other scenes no problem. I think it
    has to do with the pads but my navigation of the hardware just isn’t there
    yet. I’m used to right clicking on regions and getting lots of options but
    instead the pattern dissappears. ha! Thanks for any suggestions.

    Michele Bunker, 7 months ago

  97. After making different patterns in my groups, how do I place them to play
    in scenes?

    Richard Gibbs, 7 months ago

  98. Ok I just subscribed. GREAT video. Very clear. The only thing I would have
    liked to see was the actual assigning of scenes. I didn’t want to see you
    play the patterns (which you didn’t, thank you), but seeing you create the
    arrangement would have made this perfect. Thanks!

    Zack Corley, 6 months ago

  99. Great video, very helpful. I noticed how when I try to switch between
    scenes using the pads, they switch write away and ive seen videos where the
    scene doesnt switch until the end of the measure, does anyone know how I
    can change that?

    Joey G, 5 months ago

  100. I can’t figure it out to save my life…. Can you make your beat first then
    put it into different scenes and patterns???

    Maurice Hughes, 5 months ago

  101. WHAT!

    andre mccoy, 4 months ago

  102. that beat tho ;)

    konstancja szyskla, 3 months ago

  103. I’m sure this is a really simple question but how do you play the whole
    track through from beginning to end? I always just hit each scene as I
    reach them otherwise they loop. It says in the video that you hit both
    scenes together, but unless I missed it, how does the whole track play

    Daniel Dorfsman, 3 months ago

  104. How do you play through
    Each Scene without using the mouse just machine?

    TACOS SAHUAYO, 2 months ago

  105. I just purchased my mk2 and the whole pattern and seen in the sequencer
    confuse the f*** outta me. Thank you for making the video.
    Question is there a way for me to load up the stock drum kids without the
    preloaded patterns out the box?

    Marquis Dendy, 2 months ago

  106. How do switch seeing bars to seeing time… Instead of seeing how many bars I'm into the track I wanna see the time? Appreciate if you could help me out

    William G. Curry II, 2 months ago

  107. If i want to use 2 different patterns in the SAME scene how do i go about
    doing so. To further elaborate if i have 2 separate patterns on bank A, how
    can i make pattern 1 and pattern 2 to trigger in the same scene without
    having to use the SCENE mode to switch? and this for ANYONE who knows the

    Aymen Zawi, 1 month ago

  108. Great tutorial!

    exversity, 4 weeks ago

  109. how do you copy scenes and paste them to other scenes?

    jonv0305, 3 weeks ago

  110. Ok, so i get scenes now, but I still have 1 issue. When I put my
    sound/sample into a scene perfectly, (say, scene 1) and I duplicate it
    into scene 2, and 3 and so on, it does not sound right when playing
    together. Instead of sounding like smooth looping, it sounds as if it is
    stopping quickly, and playing again. How do i get my scenes to play
    together smoothly? Thank you. -Chris

    Chris Charleston, 1 week ago

  111. What if you don’t want it to loop back? For example, if you want a drum
    pattern to go 4 instead of 8 bars.

    Mel Wellman, 6 days ago

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