New Native Instruments Maschine Studio 2.0 Controller

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Native Instruments Maschine Studio 2.0

We’ve all been waiting. We’ve all been watching. Talking amongst ourselves, nagging those in circles close to us that are either associated with, or directly employed by Native Instruments. For now, it looks like the nagging will continue.. but alas! A little clue as to the direction Native Instruments is going with the all new Maschine Studio Controller.

Check out the recently added video below

There are still many questions left unanswered, but what we can see here thus far is pretty undeniable.

It’s an all new Controller, 2 larger COLOR LCD’s, Unlimited groups, a new mixer, Side chaining has also been added, and four Komplete products are being bundled in as well, which are: Massive, Scarbee Mark I, Prism, and Solid Bus Comp!

Thus far, it looks as though this info in the picture is ONLY being shown in the new Sweetwater Pro Gear Catalog, and boasts a price tag of $999.99, available in Black or White. What’s left out however, is the mention of features we have all been waiting for, and asking about, such as Online Time Stretching, Mp3 Import & Export, Layering sounds on Pads(beyond pad linking), click to slice, link slices OFF type feature, improvements and more control added to the Sequencing and Scenes functionality, and so on.

So what are your thoughts about what we can see thus far? Do you think this focuses more on N.I. competing in the Price point of Akai’s MPC Renaissance (with the addition of an audio interface in Maschine Studio) while making minimal mention of actual improvements to the Software that Mikro and Standard Maschine Users are desperately begging for (till little too late?). OR, are you counting your pennies right this second looking for (at the time of this writing) nonexistent pre-order information? lol!

Click the link below for a chance to win one!


Sound off in the comment section below!! Tell us what you think and what you wanna see!


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  1. 4AR


    4AR, 9 months ago

  2. MaschineMasters

    Def looking forward to this! Great post bro!

    MaschineMasters, 9 months ago

  3. James Jaxin


    James Jaxin, 9 months ago

  4. Mister Reb

    I hope its dope. For now my little baby mikro is is gettin the job done!!!

    Mister Reb, 9 months ago

  5. Avatar of Hitman

    The hardware is a bit underwhelming compared to the MK2. I can’t see a real compelling reason to upgrade. The software improvements also seem minimal.

    I really hope they improve the link between the iMaschine app. and the desktop app. to the point that we can do actual work on the Ipad and transfer it to the desktop as opposed to using it as a “sketch pad”.

    NI doesn’t seem to grasp how useful that feature would be. Smh

    Hitman, 9 months ago

  6. 4AR

    im still excited about the software udgrade. Im sure the mikro and mk’s will work just fine

    4AR, 9 months ago

  7. 4AR
  8. Avatar of DameDowns

    For now Maschine mk2 is fine by me. Hope they will release the software and make it compatible with Maschine Mk2 lol.

    DameDowns, 9 months ago

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